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Complete GUI for Inno Setup.

InnoExtractor is the ideal complement for all programs that greate their own program installers with Inno Setup.

This program allows you to visually explore and search files and content within those installers created previously with Inno Setup. This way, you can extract these files to a portable device without running the application.

InnoExtractor is known its comfortable and friendly interface. IT also lets you know the exact version of InnoSetup that was used to create a particular installer in addition to searching for files using a keyword.

- Updated Innounp API to version 0.43: Added support for Inno Setup 5.5.6.
- Improved open installer engine: Now InnoExtractor can open more Inno Setup installers than in previous versions.
- Fixed infinite loop bug when InnoExtractor try to open some custom Inno Setup installers in all previous versions (critical bug! Big sorry!). Because of this, it is recommended that you upgrade InnoExtractor to this version as soon as possible to avoid this problem when you open installers in certain circumstances.
- Fixed some other small bugs discovered in previous version.